“No doubt more work is required from a musician to fill this sonic space all by himself thus keeping the attention span of the listener all by himself. Brilliant artists can rise to this challenge, & I give Wirtz high marks for taking this on & even pulling it off. The musicianship is clearly first rate…” – Cyrus Rhodes – Indie Music Digest

Wirtz's style embodies a knowledge and respect for the masters who came before him, while simultaneously displaying his forward-thinking mentality. "For me jazz has always been about 'now.' That mindset is what has led to every major innovation in jazz; it's what continues to move the music forward." This ethos can be heard during his solo performances on songs like "Black Hole Sun," in which Wirtz redefines the modern day standard, deconstructing and reconstructing the tune from the ground up. Perhaps his biggest strengths, however, are his notable skills both as a composer and improviser. Original compositions like Big Bright Burning Yellow Sun and Blue Ridge Drive display a more reflective mood, while his songs as a whole showcase an intricate method of improvisatory storytelling. The tasteful mix of approaches result in an incredible and unique voice that has been quickly gaining attention on a national scale.

Black Hole Sun was among the selections performed at the CD release party for Wirtz's debut album, a solo piano effort entitled Sea Level. The album can be purchased at http://jonwirtzmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sea-level .

Solo performance of "You Don't Know What Love Is," live from Boulder, CO.

Cover for Sea Level