Fall/Winter Performances . . .

When the temperatures are falling, leaves are changing, and snow is soon to cover the landscape, great music seems to just accentuate the beauty of it all.  Venues become just a little bit more intimate as people huddle for warmth, so I’m excited to be preparing for another winter of shows.  Here is a brief schedule of performances that are scheduled in the meantime.  Check back often, as more shows are still being booked . . .


November 3, sitting in with Flobots (album release party) @ Gothic Theater, Englewood CO . . . 9pm

November 17, Solo performance @ Black Crown Lounge, Denver CO . . . 5:30pm

November 29, Solo performance @ Johnny’s Cigar Bar, Boulder CO . . . 9pm

December 2, NUSKOOL @ Herb’s, Denver CO . . . 9:30pm

December 7, NUSKOOL @ Skylark Lounge, Denver CO . . . 9pm

I look forward to seeing you at a show real soon, thanks!



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