Introducing Nuskool

Everything happens in its right time.  Or so I’m told.

Since I moved to Colorado over 9 years ago, I’ve played with countless great musicians, all over the state and country.  And I’m grateful for every gig, every band, every friendship  I’ve made, and every note played with so many great people.  For years I’ve had in mind a trio arrangement that would combine originality, groove, improvisation, jazz, experimentation, and the courage and attentiveness of its collective members to stray from the plan when the music calls for it.

Enter Nuskool.  With this new creative endeavor, which is performing music from my upcoming record, it looks as though this goal is coming to fruition.  Here’s a sample of one of the songs we play from the record; the song is called “Camouflage For A Sunny Day.”

After a successful trio debut at this summer’s Underground Music Showcase in Denver, I’m excited to start playing out live with this project.  As the lineup is still being solidified, it’s been a blast working with various talented musicians in the meantime.  Come out and see for yourself, as we have a few dates to announce right now.  Check back soon, as the schedule will be updated as more are confirmed:

August 12, Nuskool @ Bohemian Nights Festival, Ft. Collins CO . . . 11:50am, Library Park Stage.

September 12, Nuskool @ The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO . . . 9pm

October 12, Nuskool @ Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, Denver CO . . . 10:30pm

October 17, Nuskool @ The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO . . . 9pm

December 2, Nuskool @ Herb’s, Denver CO . . . 9:30pm

Group short bio: Inspired by the masters of the past as well as the innovators of the present, Nuskool is shaped by elaborate original compositions, pocket grooves, and forward thinking mentality.  This is not your parent’s jazz.

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